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Follow the steps

Follow these simple instructions to make your reservation.

Take time to read as our payment system operates.

To make your reservation will have to deposit 50% of the total booking value and send the ticket deposit or electronic bank transfer.

If you want to pay for their purchases in cash, we grant you a special discount. This also applies to cash deposits made from anywhere in the country.

Our bank account is: Title: Erica Goeppinger. RUT: 9.730.988-4 BCI Bank account: 28.401.026 deposit Tailpiece:

If you use credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and more. Trade pay 3 installments (Only in business), keeping the list price.

With his identity card can use it at our store. If you still have doubts, we would be very pleased to assist you in your inquiries to the following email